By , May 7, 2010 4:00 pm

Within this blog, any resemblance to persons – living or dead – is merely coincidental.

If you’ve read one of these stories, and it sounds like you, be flattered.  But don’t be offended by this comment:  the story isn’t actually about you. That thing you did – if it sounds just like a story on this site – at least fifty other people have also done.  And I’ve probably seen at least two or three of them in Emergency, or on an aeroplane flight, or in that shopping centre.  And then I made up a story about it.

I embellish;  it’s what I do.

Take home message:  You’re not unique.  Sorry to break it to you like that.  There are a whole bunch of other people out there doing exactly the same thing as you.

Don’t be offended.  Because there will be fifty others, just like you, who are as well.  Just be comforted by the thought that you’re not alone.

Happy reading…

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